As a SISLT student, you may take any graduate-level SISLT course that is approved by your adviser. On this page, you can learn more about the content and tentative course offerings of those courses.

Extended Course Description for LIS Classess

Here are some extended descripitons for some of the courses offered by the LIS faculty. For questions about other courses, please contact the Student Coordinator.

ISLT 7301, Introduction to Information Technology
ISLT 7305, Foundations of Library and Information Science
ISLT 7312, Principles of Cataloging & Classification
ISLT 7313, Managing Collections & Access
ISLT 7314, Reference Sources and Services
ISLT 7315, Management of Information Agencies
ISLT 7334, Library Information Systems
ISLT 7380, School Library Practicum
ISLT 9412, Information Storage and Retrieval
ISLT 9413, Management of Electronic Resources
ISLT 9420, Information in the Disciplines
ISLT 9428, History of Books and Printing
ISLT 9431, Children’s Library Materials
ISLT 9433, Youth Services in Libraries
ISLT 9434, Teen Library Materials
ISLT 9435, Adult Services in Libraries
ISLT 9437, Reader Advisory Services
ISLT 9443, The Academic Library
ISLT 9444, The Public Library
ISLT 9449, Information Resources in Business
ISLT 9450, Introduction to Research in Library and Information Studies
ISLT 9481, School Library Internship
ISLT 9454, Copyright in Libraries
ISLT 9410, Ethics and Information
ISLT 9410, Intellectual Freedom and Its Discontents
ISLT 9410, International & Comparative Librarianship